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Who is Turtle Tough, why haven’t I heard of them before?

Our factory has been making sensors for more than 30 years. We are a specialist manufacturer that hand make sensors for tough applications.  This boutique approach does not lend itself to the mass market approach of the bigger manufacturers. While we may not be as well recognised as some of the international brands, our sensors have found their way into some of the biggest plants and chemical processing facilities on the planet. Take a look at our references

Why buy Turtle Tough?

Quite simply, to save money. If we did not save our customers money, they would not buy our sensors. We guarantee to save you money through longer life, lower maintenance or improved process measurement accuracy and control.  It’s that simple, start saving today.

Why is Turtle Tough so different from the major manufacturers?

Turtle Tough sensors are made specifically for difficult applications from the finest materials and engineering technology available. Sensors are individually hand made, each specifically for performing in a specified environment.   Large manufacturers of sensors typically have a single sensor design to suit every application, whereas Turtle Tough sensors are designed to achieve the desired outcome for the application, this may include:

Performance RequirementPerformance Objective
Long LifeReduce replacement sensor costs
Low MaintenanceReduce labour costs
High Accuracy or Fast ResponseImprove process measurement and control
Extremes in Temperature or PressureMeet process measurement requirements
Extremes in acidity or alkalinityMeet process measurement requirements

Take a look at our sensor overview: Turtle Tough Extreme Liquid Analytic Sensor.pdf

Why can’t I have ALL these things in ONE sensor?

Everything comes at a price, and achieving one aspect of performance can often compromise another. We design our sensors to achieve the best balance to meet the customer requirements, whether that be based on reducing costs or achieving measurement performance.

Do I need to replace my existing transmitter? Or Will a Turtle Tough Sensor work with my existing hardware

Yes/No. We can make a turtle tough sensor to fit most brands of transmitters.  Turtle Tough sensors are made with the appropriate electronics to interface with most of the major brands such as Rosemount, Yokogawa, Endress and Hauser, ABB, Foxboro and many others. This can save significant costs in changing over instrumentation, and our turtle tough sensors will outlast the OEM sensor by several times.

Please note that some brands of transmitters do place certain limitations on the Turtle Tough sensor design.  For best life and performance it is always recommended to use a Turtle Tough sensor with the Turtle Tough TX series of transmitters.

Why is it better to use a Turtle Tough TX than my OEM Transmitter?

When we make a Turtle Tough sensor TOUGH, we put a lot into chemical and physical resistance into the sensor design.  This adds to the overall sensor impedance and many OEM transmitters are not designed to handle this extra impedance.  As a result they may reject the sensor prematurely or display error codes when it still has plenty of life left in the sensor.

Our range of Turtle Tough Transmitters are designed to handle the high impedances of our sensors and will allow them to be used much longer than most OEM units will permit.

How can you say Turtle Tough sensors will SAVE MONEY when they are more expensive that my OEM sensor?

Indeed the unit price of a Turtle Tough probe is more expensive than an OEM equivalent. The nature of hand making sensors and using materials and designs that meet specific application requirements is a more costly.  It does however produce a product that will outlast an OEM equivalent by several times over, saving a significant amount over a period of time.

Use our cost savings calculator to work out how much you can save.

Ask about our “same risk” trial guarantee today to compare a Turtle Tough Sensor to your existing OEM sensor. Note:  For a single trial sensor only, pay the same as your would for your OEM sensor.

Do you offer trials?

Yes. Turtle Tough does offer risk free trials.  Fill in our application questionnaire to see if you are eligible for our free trial offer. 

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