HOT TAP – Valve Retractable Assembly

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HOT TAP – Valve Retractable Assembly

  • 316 Stainless steel
  • Available as
    • Single or Double Ball Valve
    • Stainless, Duplex or SAF
    • 2”, 1 ½” or 1/ ¼”
  • Comes with
    • Valve
    • Body with Pressure relief valve
    • Top threaded fitting to take Swagelok.
  • Required Components for complete assembly (sold separately)
    • Sensor Holder
    • Extension Tube
  • Description
  • Downloads
  • Application & Use
  • Case Studies

The unique Turtle Tough Valve retractable assembly allows fast and easy insertion & removal of sensors directly into process tanks or pipes at pressures up to 100 psig.

2” Assembly – Designed for viscous and process media

1 1/2 “ Assembly –  Suitable for clean process media

1 1/4 “ Assembly –  Supports 3/4″ rear threaded legacy sensors

Download Specification here TT- Valve Retractable Assembly Drawing V1

The Sensor Protective HousingHOT TAP valve retractable assembly is designed for use in conjunction with the sensor holder and extension tube assembly shown below (must be purchased separately).

Standard material of construction 316 SS.  Optional materials include SAF 2507 and Titanium.

Download Specification here TT- Insertion Tube Assembly Drawing - suit Valve Retractable Assembly V1











Integral bridge box installed on extension tube for easy quick disconnect sensor maintenance.  Quick connector system for digital pH/ORP/ISE/DO sensors with DSST (digital smart sensor technology) bridge-box-extension-tube-270x334