Twist Lock Receptacle

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Twist Lock Receptacle

  • Suit the Turtle Tough Twist Lock Sensor body
  • Allows for easy line installation and removal
  • Available in Kynar or PEEK plastic options
    • Kynar – 50 psig –
    • PEEK – 100 psig
  • 1” MNPT male thread for line installation
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twist-lock-receptacle-drawing-3The 1″ Turtle Tough Twist Lock Receptacle fits together with any suitable mating 1″ TT Twist Lock Sensor. It is designed to interface with a 1" FNPT pipe tee fitting.

The Twist lock,  bayonet style, quick disconnect inline installation assembly allows for rapid insertion and removal for inline applications. The twist lock receptacle material of construction is either KYNAR (1"MNPT-TWISTLOCK-KYNAR-SS) for use up to 50 psig or PEEK (1"MNPT-TWISTLOCK-PEEK-HASTC) for use up to 100 psig.

O-ring material of construction is Viton-75 standard; CV75, Simriz 485 & Kalrez 4079 are optional.

Twist lock sensor bodies can be made from RYTON, RADEL or PEEK. Please consult sensor specification.  The max insertion depth past 1"MNPT threads on twist lock receptacle is 0.8" to 1.0" inches for twist lock sensor without protective tines and 0.7" max insertion depth for twist lock sensors with optional protective.

Please carefully check the recommend maximum temperature and pressure rating of your sensor prior to installation.twist-lock-receptacle-drawing-2twist-lock-receptacle-drawing-1