Turtle Tough Portable pH/ORP Meter

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Turtle Tough Portable pH/ORP Meter


  • Big Dual display with background illumination
  • Robust silicone protection cover
  • GLP-features(Good Laboratory Practice)
  • Automatic Buffer Recognition
  • 3 Point Calibration
  • High resolution (0.001pH/0.1mV)
  • BNC and Banana plugs for Sensor Connection
  • Serial Interface
  • Description
  • Downloads
  • Application & Use
  • Case Studies

Additional Functions:

Additional Display for pH-Electrode and Battery: Bar graph display

Background illumination: duration adjustable (off, 5 s ... 2 min)

Automatic Temperature Compensation:

There is an automatic temperature compensation (ATC) in the range of 0 - 105 °C for operation mode “pH” and if a temperature probe is connected. Without connected probe the temperature can be input manually.


1-, 2- or 3- point calibration with characteristics bend for Turtle Tough standard buffer, buffer to DIN 19266 or manual buffer input. The used buffer is detected automatically.
The temperature dependency of the buffer is automatically compensated. Permissible electrodes’ data: Asymmetry: ±55 mV / Slope: 45 ... 62 mV/pH The condition of pH-Electrode is checked at each calibration.

Redox-Measurement (ORP): 2 choices:

„mV“ Standard-redox-, ORP or mV- measurement
„mVH“ Conversion to hydrogen systems according to DIN38404 part 6


The rH-value is calculated from a measured Redox-value and a manually input pH-value.

Calibration interval:

The device asks for a recalibration after a selectable time period (1 - 365 days or inactive)

  • Waters measuring, fishkeeping, aquafarming
  • Drinking water monitoring, process control, soil measuring
  • Food production and monitoring
  • Laboratory: Medicine, pharmaceutics, chemistry
  • Quality management