Turtle Tough Infrared Windows

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Turtle Tough Infrared Windows

IR Windows with Structural Integrity

  • Impact resistant optic per UL and ANSI standards
  • Body & cover machined from bar stock aluminum (stainless steel available)

IR Windows with More Accuracy

  • Higher “flatter” LWIR Transmission curves for temperature accuracy
  • Polymer optic remains stable over life of product without delicate sealants required

IR Windows with More Viewing Area

  • 4” x 4” aperture is 66% larger than similar sized round windows
  • Square aperture does not “clip” camera’s squared display
  • Camera lens can be placed on window optic (as opposed to 2” back) for fuller field of view

IR Windows with More Value

  • Contact your local Distributor for a demonstration, and see why Turtle Tough is the best value on the market today.
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Keep energized electrical equipment closed during inspection, and easily comply with OSHA, NFPA 70E, CSA Z462 and similar electrical safety mandates.

Closed-panel inspections eliminate inherently high-risk tasks, such as removing panels or opening hinged doors, making your work processes safer for personnel, plant assets and processes.

The more efficient work process can reduce inspection costs by 75% to 95%, while improving worker safety.

Turtle Tough Infrared Windows provide safe access to “inaccessible” energized equipment.

Because using inspection windows does not increase risk of electrical hazards, inspections can be performed during peak load, when data collection is ideal, without worry of accidental process interruption.

Turtle Tough IR windows are extraordinarily robust, with the body and cover machined from bar stock aluminium and an impact resistant optic that easily meets international standards. The Turtle Tough delivers extreme strength and superior usability.