Turtle Tough GP-A pH/ORP Analyser

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Turtle Tough GP-A pH/ORP Analyser


  • Select pH or mV operation
  • Large 3 1/2 “ digital LCD Display
  • Enter all calibration parameters into non-volatile memory with an easy to use rotary encoder.
  • Increased fine-tuning of dosing with automatic pulse width modulation.
  • Alarm output with high and low set point. Potential free relay contacts.
  • Fully isolated 4-20mA current output
  • 240VAC/5A relay output easily connected via 3 way terminal strip.
  • 4 – 20mA signal output configurable over entire 0-14pH range.
  • Thermoplastic enclosure with transparent cover. Rated to IP55 specification
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The Turtle Tough GP-A pH/ORP Analyser is ideal for those applications requiring either a single or dual action controller to control a process above or below a set-point or within an upper and lower boundary. The analyser has an easy to use menu and setup options for full configuration.  Additionally, the TT-GP-A pH/ORP Analyser is equipped with 2 output relays. Relay 1 has switched 240VA and can be configured for up/down dosing in on/off mode, proportional dosing or adaptive proportional dosing. Relay2 has potential free contacts with up/down dosing or configured as an alarm. With this configuration flexibility, it is possible to effect various installation applications where pH or ORP control is required.

The TT-GP-A pH/ORP controller features a simple and safe way for all configuration and calibration procedures. All programmed parameters are stored in non-volatile memory and are not lost if the instrument looses power.

The easy to use ‘rotary encoder knob’ scrolls through setup menus and dials up/down numbers when prompted to enter values for relay or alarm set-points, current signal low and high points etc.
Dual coloured LED’s show the operational status of the instrument or setup program currently available. You can easily scroll through setup menus with the encoder knob and once a  menu is selected values are then increased or decreased by rotating the encoder knob clock- or anticlockwise. The desired value is selected and saved by pushing the rotary encoder knob.
The rotary encoder only becomes active if invoked through the instrument configuration program. This feature avoids set-points or calibration values being changed inadvertently.
The TT-GP-A pH/ORP Analyser features 2 output relays. Relay 1 provides switched 240VAC. This output can be configured for up/down dosing in on/off mode, proportional dosing or adaptive proportional dosing.
The relay output pulse varies from continuously on to 1.5 sec ON and 60sec OFF in proportional mode. The ON/OFF times lengthen or shorten depending on the rate of change of pH in adaptive proportional mode.
Relay2 has potential free contacts. The adjacent 240VAC terminal assists wiring if a 240VAC output is required.
A low and high set-point can be selected for the alarm relay. This output can also be changed to perform as a second set-point with up/down mode if required.
The isolated 4-20mA signal output is configured via the program. 4mA can be configured between pH0.00 to pH7.00, 20mA is configured between pH7.00 and pH14.00 Maximum slope for the signal output however is pH1.00
A flow switch input if made active locks out the relay outputs. This input is configured for normally open or normally closed flow switches. (N/O or N/C)

Wiring the TT-GP-A pH/ORP Analyser is easy. Simply remove the subpanel to reveal all terminals and selector to change pH/mV. The output relay provide 240VAC with active, neutral and earth. A pump or valve can be wired directly without the need for additional junction terminals.