Immersion Rod – Stainless Steel

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Immersion Rod – Stainless Steel

  • Allows sensor installation from the top of a tank
  • 316 Stainless steel
  • 3 metres long
  • Supplied as two pieces
  • Comes with
    • Mounting brackets
    • Female fittings for sensor attachment
    • Junction box mounting plate
  • Shipping Dimensions – 162x14x14(cm)
  • Shipping Weight – 9Kg Gross
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Immersion Rod Assembly

The 3 meter Stainless steel immersion rod allows easy access from the top of tanks direct into critical measurement locations. The immersion rod comes complete with tank holder assembly, female fittings for probe attachment, plate holder for junction box and cable gland.

The unique design allows the immersion rod to be held in place without any bolts, screws or fittings allowing for instant insertion and retrieval from the tank without any tools. The prong like fingers extending from the top of the rod slip into the receiving location on the tank holder assembly, allowing gravity to hold it in steadily in place. This design allows slight movement of the immersion rod, which naturally buffers the ebbs and flow of the process.  This natural shock absorption provides important protection for the sensor and limits the impact from the forces of high velocity fluids.


To install, simply weld the tank holder assembly to any tank structure, typically a guard rail at the tank perimeter or walkway. The side slot (pictured) must be in the upper position, and facing outward to the tank.  The 3m rod comes in two 1.5m lengths.  The lower section can be cut to any length to shorten the immersion rod.   The upper section of the immersion rod has a joiner (female socket).  The lower length must be inserted into the upper length and welded.


Threaded fittings for joining sections of immersion rod can be ordered by special request when welding facilities are not available.

Immersion Rods can be ordered in any customer length. Please contact your representative for a quote.

Junction Boxes are not included and must be purchased separately. Plate holder for junction box is standard.