Extreme sensors call for extreme analysers and the Turtle Tough range have been designed with exactly that in mind. We have a range of analyser options to suit everyone’s budget and application specific demands, from our budget friendly TT-MA Modular Analysers through to our state-of-the-art Black Series analysers with remote web communication technology. Whatever the application we have wide range of interface, communication and control options to suit everyone's needs.
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Turtle Tough GP-A pH/ORP Analyser
TT-Port-pH-2001 Portable pH Analyser
Turtle Tough Portable pH/ORP Meter
Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyser
TT-MAD-pH Digital Modular pH/ORP Analyser
TT-MA-pH pH/ORP Analyser
TT-MA-DO Dissolved Oxygen Analyser
TT-MA-CON Conductivity Analyser
Turtle Tough Black i4 Liquid Analyser
Turtle Tough Black i2 Liquid Analyser
TT-LP Loop Powered Analyser
TT-4TX pH/ORP Analyser
TT-LP Loop Powered Analyser
TT-LP 24V Loop Powered pH/ORP/mV Analyser
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